2003 Buick Lesabre • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 145,000 miles

2003 LeSabre. Just changed the rear shocks with Monroe air. However, the rear passenger side now makes a rattling noise every time it hits any kind of bump. Very annoying. The compressor kicks on and off. I even disconnected the air line and a great deal of compressed air came gushing out. How do I diagnose a problem with the automatic leveler system? Or should I be looking somewhere else.

Michael (annoyed in Chicago)
July 21, 2011.

I suspect the metal cover which protect your airpump from the muffler heat has come loose. There are three screws that secure it to the pump mount framing. I suggest check with "PARTS" at local GM dealer for correct size of screws as you dont want it coming loose again! Also, DO NOT leave your air lines to pump or shock disconnected, they will become plugged with debris & dirt. They Have A Very Small Inside Diameter On This Particular airline! Dealt with this myself also. Hope This Helps!

Sep 1, 2011.
Did you locate noise yet?

Oct 21, 2011.
Check the shock bushings for the noisy shock. Check the shock for something rubbing or hits the shock. The light should turn on and then pump up then turn off. It shouldnt keep turning on and off. Check it by putting it in neutral. If two people sit on the rear bumper. Then turn the key on. Youll see and hear the light and pump start pumping. It continues and youll see the rearend going up. Then it will pump up and shutoff. The lose shield could cause the hose to melt.

Oct 21, 2011.