2003 Buick Century • 150,000 miles

In the middle of July 2012, my temperature gauge started going up. I looked under hood and saw the coolant was very low. I filled it up. A day later, it was empty. I added more with some Barrs sealant. It worked. The guage stayed steady till about the beginning of October. The coolant didn't seem to drain fast but it did drain. I put more Barrs and it worked again. However, a few days later, the guage started spiking. It goes almost to the red but then goes back to the middle and sticks. What is wrong? How dangerous is this to my engine. It's been spiking for six weeks and the coolant has not gone done. Need help?
November 13, 2012.

All that nasty stuffs in there-might cause the radiator to clogged-up been there before with a customer-flush out the radiator and replace the thermostat and see what happens-

Nov 13, 2012.
It sounds like you probably have an air pocket.I would try bleeding the cooling system.

Nov 14, 2012.
Dont use bars leak us block sealer. Your either burning it or leaking it.U need to have the sys. Pressure tested. Before u blow the motor. Carry 2 gal. Of water and keep that jug full.

Nov 17, 2012.
4 days has passed-by and not returning-he/she probably figure it out-

Nov 17, 2012.