2003 Audi A3 • 122,000 miles

When accelerating the turbo suddendly cuts off at around 3000rpm, sort of a lag that is only one second long cause then it imidiatly comes back. It doesn't happen all the time, when driving around town slowly it will not happen, most of the time it happes when accelerating hard, most of the time in second gear, less in 3er gear. It never happens on 1st gear.

My turbo, and the intercooler were clean some weeks ago trying to solve the problem but nothing. I have had this problem for over a year, it comes and goes and doesn't gets better nor worst. I install a forge hybrid bv a couple of months ago. So when the power cuts of I can hear the valve "wuuush". For the second that the power cuts off, I can also hear that the turbo stops spinning for that second.

No one knows what the problem is, cause there is No check engine light on. Hope I can find some help with you guys.

Thanks for your attention and your time.
March 9, 2012.

The turbo wastgate or blow off valve is probably failing and needs replacement. You might be able to pull the trouble codes to seee if it is an electrical problem. Any Advance Auto or Auto Zone will do this for free. If no codes come up, the part has failed mechanically and will have to be looked at by a repair shop to wee which has failed. Check for loose hoses or leaking hoses going to and from turbo to rule out vacuum or boost signal leak.

Hey Dr. Crank, thanks for the reply.

I havent check the wastgate, will do that asap. The blow off valve has I mention was change a couple of months ago, I put on a forge hybrid valve (new). The sintoms were happening with the "bosch" valve(original)even before I install the forge one, the problem didnt change at all. So I guess is not the valve.

I will go this weekend to get the codes check, I will let u know what comes out.

Again, thanks!

Mar 13, 2012.
Your very welcome. If I did not mention it the fuel pressure and regulator may need to be checked.

Howzit. My Baby has the same problem. (Did a stage 2 Custom Map and the guy mentioned it might be the fuel pump. - Current holds at 300psi and dips slightly.) - Any news on how you fixed it?. Thanks.

Apr 21, 2012.
300 psi sounds quite high for fuel pressure. What type of gauge are you using to check the fuel pressure?
I would be more suspicious of the computer re-flash being the cause of the problem.