1998 Audi A3 • 4 cylinder Manual •

Hello. I would ask the help. I have a problem with the Audi A3, gasoline 1.6, 1998th
The problem is what is collected every 2-3 weeks in white fat from the oil cap and senor with a grid of air supply. For this reason, when driving a car sometimes jumps. If anyone knows a solution Why is it creates fat?
January 8, 2011.

Sorry, but there's absolutely no way I can understand what you mean. White fat from oil cap would be the only thing I could get a hint from. That would mean you coolant is mixing with the oil, which also means a blown head/intake gasket. You'll need to get this motor into a shop right away, before it blows completely and leaves you stranded somewhere.

Ernest Clark
Feb 5, 2011.