2003 Audi 85

At the risk of exposing my "Newbosity", I have to ask what the "high idle" is? I've seen people say "you should get the high idle kit" or "should I get the high idle kit?" What the heck is the high idle, is it a problem that needs fixed, is it a performance upgrade. Obviously it has something to do with the CTD's idleing higher but that's all the further I got on my own. I did many searches, and the only results I get are where people mentioned the high idle, but I couldn't find a good explaination of it. Could someone point me in the right direction? Moderator's, please put this in the appropriate place. If I knew what high idle was, I'd put it in the right place, but then again, there'd be no need for this thread at all. Thanks in advance.
May 16, 2012.

Why does this matter? Is there a problem?

May 16, 2012.
High idle is a feature that allows you to adjust your idle speed up and down, not just the stock 750or so rpm. Useful for quicker warm ups, running a pto, not letting it idle(which is really bad for the motor), etc.

May 17, 2012.
TO: freedom

Basically i am saying good luck on someone diagnosing your vehicle online and you should take it to the professionals,

What do think we do here? We're the experts for this website.I've been watching you guys come in and answer the questions then end up sending them to what's the catch 22 here-advertising if so do you have authorization bcuz I'll been investigating it

May 17, 2012.