2003 Acura RSX • 125,000 miles

My RSX S (manual 6 speed) recently went in to the dealer for repairs. They told me the clutch was engaging too high and that I would need a new clutch since the high engagement was indicating it was worn. They want to charge between 1500 - 1800 dollars for the repair so I want to make sure it is really necessary or if it might just be an adjustment that is needed.

The clutch is quite high. As I release the clutch from the floor it doesn't begin to engage until the pedal has come up 3/4 of the way and seems to fully engage nearly at the end of the release of the pedal. I don't see, hear or feel any slippage and the tacometer isn't running high for the speed I travel at. In other words it runs normally.

Should I have someone else look at the car? Is the information the dealer gave me correct that the clutch would definitely be worn based solely on noticing the high engagement point?

March 2, 2012.

Sounds like it is worn out. It may not be slipping now but will very soon. Better to be pro active than re active.

The price is high. Second opinions are always good. Get several estimates before committing to the repair.


Clutch should be self adjust so likely you need 1 soon.

Mar 2, 2012.