2002 Volvo 122 • 5 cylinder FWD Manual • 70,000 miles

Fuel Sensor 2002 Volvo S60.
I have accessed the location of the sensor. Does it need specialists tools to remove it from the tank the to inspect or replace it. Are there gaskets or seals that have to be fitted once opened.
Once fitted does it require any manufacturers diagnostics to be carried out
Thank You, Brian
Brian finlay
February 28, 2011.

What is it that you are trying to replace? The fuel level sender or the fuel pressure sensor? Or is it the fuel tank sensor?

Mar 1, 2011.
Fuel level sender

Brian finlay
Mar 1, 2011.
Depending on the tank that you have, if it is a metal tank the sensor is attached to the fuel pump. If you have a plastic tank then you have 2 level senders. The one on the left and the one on the right attached to the fuel pump assembly as well. There is a special tool that is used to remove but have seen some people use 2 big flatg tip screw drivers. Forming an "X" with the screw drivers insert then in the grooves of the hold down and turn counter clockwise to remove. When reinstalling make sure you use new orings. Also before removing clean the top of the fuel tank if this is plastic. Look for a this mark on the tank "\\" well it should be straighter then that but that is the only symbol I can get? The left sender and right side fuel pump have an arrow on top. The arrow must be pointing in between that mark for the float to be able to move up and down or you will have problems with having a correct fuel level reading. Also if you need to remove the pump, first remove the left sender. Tie a very thin nylone rope to the plastic hose. Remove the pump and pull the hose with the nylone attached but make sure the other end of the rope is still sticking out the tank on the left sender side or you will be in trouble. Becarefull not to bend or kink the plastic fuel line or you will have problems. When installing the pump back tie the rope at the one end it came out and pull the rope from the other end to drag the fuel line back to the other side. If you pull the pump out just like that you will never get the fuel line back to other side. Also before doing this repair make sure the tank is close to empty to avoid fuel spillage inside your vehicle. Good luck and hope this info helps you.

Mar 2, 2011.