2002 Toyota Prado • 20,000 miles

Oil ight came on then a few miles down the road the motor stopped. Plenty of battery and everything turning over, but won`t start. Added 2 ltrs of Oil still turning over but no start. Could an Oil pump cause this?
November 4, 2012.

If the oil pump is at fault, you most probably won't be able to crank the engine at all. Why did you continue running engine when the oil light came on? You should have stopped to check the oil level. The oil light is the most important indicator of the engine and if you ignore it, you must be prepared for a huge bill or even an engine change.

Anyway since you are able to crank, it might not be too bad. You need to get the engine started to find out if any damages had occurred.

Above link explains what to look for. Go through them. Check the coolant level in radiator. Was engine temperature reading hot then?

Nov 4, 2012.