2002 Saturn SL1 • 150,000 miles

Got the code and cant get rid of it, replaced canister vent solenoid and still light comes on, do I need to replace the canister purge valve solenoid to get rid of this code. Thanks as I am stumped on theis, and thanks for your help.
February 9, 2012.

Go to this link:

Feb 9, 2012.
PCM uses fuel tank pressure sensor to detect vacuum decay of EVAP vent solenoid diagnostic.
Ensure fuel pressure sensor is not skewed.
Using scan tool, check fuel tank pressure sensor voltage. Sensor voltage should be 1.3-1.7 volts with ignition on and fuel cap removed.
Check for blocked or stuck EVAP vent solenoid valve.
Check for plugged, kinked or pinched vent hose.
Check for restricted EVAP canister.

Feb 9, 2012.
Just to add to this one to read the fuel tank pressure sensor you will need a scan tool not code reader that can read live engine data and that can display the fuel tank pressure ssnsor voltage.I would see what that voltage reads for the fuel tank sensor.

Feb 9, 2012.
Ok where do I get this scan tool as I am not familiar with this. Is this a repair garage item or dealer item? Also there is no kink in line and fuses are good. Can I hook my volt meter to the incoming wires with ignition to acc to see if I am getting juice? Also replaced the evap canister and solenoid. Thanks again.

Feb 10, 2012.