2002 Saturn SC1 • 45,000 miles

My sc1 stalls intermitantly sometimes right after start up as I back out of the driveway but mostly after about 5 minutes of driving and when stopping at a red light. It always starts imediately after the stall, usually only happens once then car ok for the drive. This happens once or twice a week. Problem started last summer but did not occur all winter, now the temperatures have warmed up it has started acting up again. I know just before the problem will occur as the idle will drop, a few stop lights before the stall.
I changed the ECT sensor but it did not solve the problem.
could it be a sticky egr valve, a weak oxy sensor or a bad ignition module?
May 23, 2012.

Could be a vacuum leak. Yes, it could be an egr issue with carbon. Did you examine the connector on the ect? I have replaced a lot of them.


May 23, 2012.
Conecter seemed ok at the time I changed the ect, will check it again. Doubt it would be a vacuum leak as the problem is so intermitant?

May 23, 2012.
Just to add to this one those year saturns with the single cam engine are known for vacuum leqks around the number one intake port. Thats the port closest to the power steering pump when the engines were put together they wrinkled up the intake gasket. That vaccuum leak can be very intermintant. Di you have any codes in the computer?Have you checked for any yet?Also the best way to check the coolant temp sensor connector is to look inside at the connectors if there green or blue instead of silver replace the connector. Also I have seen a bad crank shaft positon sensor do what your car is doing. Really weird I know but it turned out to be a bad crank shaft position sensor. Only reason I figure out that it was because it started cranking but not starting. Then I figured out it was a bad sensor.

May 23, 2012.