2002 Mitsubishi Montero

My '02 mitsubishi montero sport is having idling issues. It has been cutting off when I'm stopped, but then restarting. Today it cut off and would turn over, but not start.
January 8, 2013.

Check for vacuum leaks, check the idle air control valve (IAC). If the car is not starting now, check fuel pump pressure and make sure you are getting good spark to the plugs.

Thanks for the response. I had a mechanic pick it up and I am waiting to see what he says. Although, I took it to him when it initially started cutting out on me and the check engine light was on. The light came on due to two sensors related to fuel intake, but he told me that I just needed a tune up and that was what was causing the light to come on. After the tune up the car continued to do the same thing and finally cut off on me without restarting today. I have had an engine and an alternator replaced within the past six months, so I have a lot of money invested in the car already (not to mention the $550 tune up) and I am worried that I will be given the wrong information again (by my mechanic).

When he tells you what the problem is, let me know. I can at least let you know if he is going in the right direction.

Sounds great. I will hopefully hear from him tomorrow.

Let me know.