2002 Hyundai Santro • 55,000 miles

Suddenly my Santro is giving problems in starting and running. The car runs for some distance and immediately stalls( as if the engine was turned off). When stalled the car cannot be restarted and neither does the fuel pump relay click sound come when turn on the ignition after a stall. Have to wait 10 or more minutes and then car restarts, but again stalls after some distance.

On a cold start in morning, I here a click click sound as soon as I turn on ignition and somewhere near the ECU on the left passenger side( the click is not of the fuel pump relay). Does the ECU in Santro Zip Plus have relays inside which is failing? But after few clicks the fuel pump relay shuts off and does not turn on. Again I have to wait for 10-15 minutes before fuel pump can be heard on ignition on.
Also during an OBD scan there were several error codes listed. Can the ECU be at fault here or the relays playing here.

Thank You
December 23, 2012.

Lets start with the code numbers?


Dec 23, 2012.
I lost the exact codes but have the text that was displayed with codes.

1) Manifold absol/barometric pressure
2) Throttle valve/pedal position
3) Injection valve(cylinder 1)
4) Injection valve(cylinder 2)
5) Injection valve(cylinder 3)
6) Injection valve(cylinder 4)
7) Idle actuator NC winding open circuit earth short
8) Fuel evaporation/regeneration valve
9) Fuel pump power supply
10) Cooler fan relay 1 open circuit/earth/positive short

Dec 24, 2012.