2002 Honda CRV • 89,000 miles

I took my 2002 Honda CRV (with 89,000 miles and fairly good condition with no history of major repairs) in for a check-up two days ago - the check engine light had come on. They reported the computer scan revealed it had an evac leak and reported also that the car needed new spark plugs, a transmission flush and an alignment. Expected to get the car back the next day but didn't hear back. This morning the place called and said after they did the work, the car had trouble cranking and after they tried to start it, they heard "clunk, clunk, clunk", discovered "a valve had pushed up through the spark plug" and "the engine has blown." Does this sound plausible? Any questions I should be asking? Any suggestions in this situation?
December 29, 2012.

No, something went wrong with there repairs. Visit the place, have a look and listen and have the service manager put in writing what happened and also who worked on it with there credentials.


Dec 29, 2012.