2002 Ford Windstar • 130,000 miles

I changed fuse 104 in power distribution box for front power seat and changed spark plug wires because #4 wire had a short and already fried one coil pack. When attempting to start I had full power but engine would not crank. The battery is being drained quickly when attempting to start or leaving key in on position for a short time. The battery checks good, starter checks good, replaced the electronic ignition switch and no help. I switched all relays to see if one was bad but no good. Security system disables properly. The ABS plug which is on recall and was suppose to be replaced the first time it was in had brake fluid on it so I used air hose to blow out fluid and reconnected it. I have checked every wire possible to see if I had knocked something loose and found nothing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
July 9, 2012.

When attempting to start I had full power but engine would not crank-Do you mean it cranks over and will not start or just won't crank at all/nothing when key is turn to cranking position?

Jul 9, 2012.
It will not crank over at all. The computer clears all systems like normal when turning the key to the on position but the engine does nothing. As long as I keep the charger on, it will keep a full charge. When I take it off it drains at a moderate speed unless I attempt to crank it, then it drains quick from 12+ volts to 8-9 volts. I did a check of polarity on the ignition wire to the starter and it indicates no power. I am just came in from tracing the starter wire up to a connector which I believes goes to the fuse box or electronic ignition switch or both.

Jul 10, 2012.
If there's no power on the start control circuit to the starter motor-check and test the starter motor, starter relay, transmission range sensor, and ignition switch-

Jul 14, 2012.