2002 Ford Explorer • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 119,000 miles

I have a 4.0 v6 02 explorer I ran seafoam through the oil to clean up deposits and now the seal around the main drive pulley has a serious oil leak

what can I do?
what best guess of repair cost?
March 3, 2011.

Probably what happened was the seafoam cleared the garbage keeping the seal from leaking heavily and it's now able to flow freely.

A crankshaft seal is not very expensive in itself, less than $50. The labor, however, will be pricey. I would venture to say it is booked at about a seven to ten hour job. At an average of about $85 per hour, you are looking at around $600 to $850 in labor, without a labor guide in front of me.

Mar 3, 2011.
The seal is $14 from the dealer and the labor is 1.4 hours so it's under a $200 job.

Mar 3, 2011.