2002 Ford Explorer • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic •

Working on a 2002 Exproler. He starting haveing trouble with the cruise control. The last time he turned it on and set it for 78 mph. And at some point it kicked out. It will not work now if he trys to set the cruise. But if he pushes the resumme button it will go to the last set speed of 78 mph and holds for differnt lenghts of time it may have somthing to do with load incress like an hill or somthing like that that kicks it out dont know for sure. No matter how many times he restarts the engine it will still go to 78 mph when hitting resumme. I scaned the computer there are no codes. One more thing if he trys pishing the set button the green light flashes. This is a 6 cyl 4x4.
November 29, 2010.

Steve: Check the VSS as well as the brake light switch. Also, make sure you have a scanner that can read such codes. If the cruise light flashes, there should be a code set. A standard OBD2 scanner will not read those codes, trans codes.

Hi, thanks for advise but this was an old question the problem was a loose conection at the cruise control motor

Jan 14, 2011.
That will do it. Sorry about the delay. We changed over our website which really slowed things down for some time. Infact, it was the start of December for the change.

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