2002 Ford Edge • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 137,000 miles

Scanner is giving me a code 0102 low signal to MAF vehicle does not have as much power as normal and shifts harder than normal seems like the timming is retarded but im not sure how to check or even adjust timing on a coil pack ignition.I dont think it is the MAF but after erasing codes this seems to keep coming back.I replaced the spark plugs recently and the wires didnt seem to fit as snugly on the plugs as I thought they should. It runs fine at an idle but going down the road it seems to lack the power it had before.
March 7, 2011.

I believe you have a ford escape they did not make the edge in 2002 anyway the po102 dtc is a hard fault for the maf sensor this will cause lack of power and poor fuel economy ck to make sure it is plugged in and if it is then remove the air box ck to see if there is anything on the inner element. Example a leaf or possible spider web.

Butch shull
Mar 9, 2011.
If the same code keeps coming back, chances are that is the problem.