2002 Dodge Ram • 170,000 miles

Had bad coil in cylinder number 7. Drove home then obc said misfire in cylinder 3. Change coil in cylinder 7. Then changed spark plugs. Had oil with bent electrode in cylinder 3 replaced it. Then I replaced number 3 plug bent again. Did again and number 3 plug didnt bend but ectrode was broken sliding. Put new plug in was fine but still had oil on plug but not as much. Engine doesnt want to run. Starts but run rough and now hear noises sound like coming from top end. Any answer thank
John durant
October 1, 2011.

That has me concerned. Remove the #3 plug and crank the engine. Does oil come out? Check compression in that cylinder. It sounds like something is in the cylinder.

Thanks! Could a part of head gasket do that because I know I have a bad head gasket.

John durant
Oct 1, 2011.
I don't feel any of the gasket could get in there, but it could cause the oil to which makes me question if that is what is causing the plug damage. Remember, you can compress air, but oil won't. If enough gets in there, it could damage the plug and eventually bearings, connecting rod, piston.