2002 Dodge Ram • V8 4WD Manual • 78,000 miles

What is the easiest way to fix engine oil sludge? I have a 2002 dodge ran 1500 with a 4.7L v8. It has about 78k miles. I have recently switched from conventional oil to senthetic and it seems like I have lost a very large amount of top end horse power. I do not have any check engine lights on nor do I have any bad sounds or vibrations. I believe that the problem is from sludge and am looking for the best fix for the truck.
January 27, 2011.

Sludge shouldn't affect engine performance, at least not directly. It is more likely the sludge is a byproduct of something else that affects performance. I have two cars that have add-on filters that use a roll of toilet paper. You wouldn't believe how well they clean sludge. One trick you might try is adding about a half quart of automatic transmission fluid to the oil, then change the oil after a couple of days.


Jan 28, 2011.