2002 Citroen Zara • 114,000 miles

Hi im having problems with my citreon picasso xsara 1.6 petrol no a/c. When I start the car it goes to overheating on the gauge with a message on dash saying stop. Also fan cuts in straight away I have installed new rad, cooling fan and temperature sensor, but still the same ive been reading on other forums regarding this and some people have stated that it cant be a relay as it goes straight through ecu but mine has got a relay switch built into the fan housing, so im abit confused and concerned please if you can help out at all it will be much appreciated. Darren
June 13, 2012.

I would look at the thermostat as well.

Did you overheat this prior to this repair? I would get a leak down test to verify the head gasket is ok.


Jun 14, 2012.
Hi roy thanks for getting back to me. I had a leak in rad that I guess had something to do with it and when I checked the water bottle it was empty so may well of overheated I have taken it to a couple of garages and they have said could be relay could be sensor or wireing fault but they are abit reluctant to give me more info.

Jun 14, 2012.