2002 Chrysler Sebring • 10,400 miles

While driving in the rain today in stop and go traffic, the MIL light came on-- yellow and stayed lit. The transmission would not up shift. At a stoplight, the car was put in neutral and restarted and shifting resumed smoothly and normally.

Drove in the dry and everything shifted perfectly. So, checked codes and only saw p0700 and disconnected battery and reset engine light.

Drove home stop and go in the rain and same problem. Wouldn't upshift again. Check Engine Light (MIL) came on. Drove to AutoZone and codes are p0700 and p0732. Turned off car again and back on and transmission shifts perfectly, MIL remains lit.

Looked up problems with several different answers from solenoid packs to wiring harness to ground strap. Please advise on where to start and also please advise on how to locate the sensors and wiring harness/ ground strap in question.

November 9, 2011.

The solenoid is sealed, so the water shouldn't have bothered it. Check to make sure the harness is tight, clean, and not damaged. As far as a ground, it is possible that a body ground strap is loose.

Where is the wiring harness and ground strap located?

Nov 9, 2011.
The wiring to the transmission