2002 Acura EL • 190,000 miles


I drive a 2002 Acura 1.7 EL (basically a Honda civic). I was driving the car today and noticed a repetitive sound.

There is only a sound when the vehicle is coasting, (car is moving, but I am not pressing the gas peddle nor am I pressing the brake). At high speeds it sounds like a chopper. At low speeds it sounds like a knocking. The sound seems to be connected with the revolutions of the tire - more revolutions, more frequent sounds.

It is strange because when the car is stopped, there is no sound. When I step on the gas peddle to accelerate, the sound goes away. When I step on the brake to slow down the sound goes away.

The car doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. It drives normally, there are no indicator lights, no strange smells, no unusually high temperatures anywhere.

Any ideas on what it could be?

Is this serious?

I am on a road trip right now and I'm a little worried.

Thank you!

September 4, 2011.

For noise problems, it is not possible to diagnose without the physical vehicle. Since the noise is related to tire revolutions, check the tires for any foreign materials being lodged onto the threads or stuck to the tires.

The other components likely to cause the noise wuold be related to the brake rotors or drive trains. If noise is not too loud and does not occur all the time, it should not be anything that is major but no matter what, it is best to have it checked out.

Sep 4, 2011.
Check the wheel bearings as well.

Jun 9, 2012.