2001 Volkswagen Golf • 76,700 miles

1.6Auto petrol, wasn't running over 4 months, but when started battery flat, jump started, since then, alarm/immobiliser light is on, battery is dying, left indicator keep flashing, alarm is not working by control (fob), central locking working ok,
I tried to reprograme the fob, but not responding to central locking or alarm,
Please can advice URGENTLY.
I appreciate.
Jeremy Nicholas
December 29, 2012.

You need to get the immobilizer reset. I am attaching instructions to do so. If it does not work right off, sometimes the immobilizer can be picky, you may need to go to a repair shop you will have to get someone with an OBD II scanner to clear the code for you. It does not take long and should not cost much.

Hi Thanks for that, unfortunately there is no 'fault code' on display, all clear on dash board.

Jeremy Nicholas
Dec 29, 2012.
Even if there is no dash light on there still can be trouble code. You sometimes have to use a scanner to reset the imobilizer if the relearn procedure I gave you does not work.