2001 Toyota MR2

I have a 2001 toyota mr2. Heres what happened I bought the car from someone he said the car threw a rod so engine is no good. And currently car got everything in it but only engine is not working it has aftermarket turbo aftermarket CPU and after market injectors thats all I know so far. And im guessing it threw a rod because he had stock motor in it and the engine prolly couldnt handle the turbo. In order to run the car someone told me I need a powerful engine cuz stock engine might give me problem again. Or I could either buy all stock parts again to keep the car simply stocl. But I dont want to buy all stock parts again spending too much money. So my question is what should I do in order to get this car running?
May 1, 2012.

I'd search for a good used engine from a salvage yard and forget the turbocharger. Turbocharged engines from the factory are slightly lower in compression. The loss of power is made up by the turbo since it packs in more air. There's lots of other variables too. If you can find a relatively complete car, you'll be able to put the correct exhaust manifold and computer back on. The way to make it run the best is to put it back to factory setup.

May 1, 2012.
Alternatively if you wish to continue using the turbo, then it is best to get the pistons etc replaced with one suitable fpor turbo engines and that could be rather expensive.

Using a stock engine with turbo boost is ok if you lower the boost pressure and do not trash the engine too hard. They re not drsigned for that purpose when you do retrofitting.

May 1, 2012.