2001 Suzuki Esteem • 170,000 miles

Hi, My heater and a/c stopped working. I tried to connect directly heater wires to the battery and it worked. So I guess a fuse stopped working. I cant figure out which one. Looking at this scheme: i though that the fuse 22 could cause that, but there is no current in it!!! I have a 1.6L 2001 suzuki esteem. thank you!
October 3, 2011.

If there is no current in it, that would explaine why it isn't working. Check all fuses under the hood as well. If they are good and have power, trace the power supply to the fuse looking for an open circuit.

I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find a circuit diagram of the heater and didnt found it. It's cold outside and I have to use the car. So what I did is to connect directly the heater to the battery and put a on/off switch.

When I will have more time, i'll try to do what you've said.


Oct 3, 2011.
Here is a schematic that shows where the power comes from. Let me know if it helps.