2001 Pontiac Aztek • 163,000 miles

Car was running hot. We replaced the thermostat and the top radiator hose. We were then told we had a crack I the back of the block. Someone suggested we put K&W fiberlock head gasket ad engine repair and it could fix it. We did so, and it is no longer leaking or smoking and it starts and runs fine only the temperature gauge is still going into the red/ extremely hot fast. But when we stop the car and lift the hood, the radiator cap or fluid isnt even that hot, theres no smoking or anything. What should I do?
August 26, 2012.

The sealer rarely works and if it does, it is temporary at best.

Get it checked again by a shop for a second opinion and get it repaired. It will break down on you driving it hot.


Aug 26, 2012.
I half disagree with your first replay. Getting another shop to look at a supposedly crackied block is a good idea, but my 2001 Aztek, going up mountains many times, runs the temp gauge almost to the red after only a few minutes of climbing. I get out and the engine, hoses, cap do not seem that hot. I then drive up, up for a long time and the gauge stays almost to red and it clearly does not seem to be overheating. I had a mechanic tell me "you won't make it over the next mountain pass" on the way to Denver. That was 2 years ago and it's still "almost overheated" at the very sight of a mountain. The gauges on Azteks hook into an integrated circuit board that my mechanic says is one of their weak points, plus is expensive to replace. See about that, too. My gas gauge, for instance, only works when almost empty. I now fill up frequently and keep track of miles since last full tank. I believe these quirky gauges are related.

Oct 1, 2012.