2001 Nissan Almera • 120,000 miles

1-When I put gear in to second doesnt seem to pick up.
2-Blue smoke comes out when I start the car (only for bout 10 second).
3-Stearing wheel very stiff
4-Engine making slite noise all car fliuds ok
5-cd player not working.
October 31, 2012.

Is the Malfunction Indicator Light showing?
Have you checked the fuses?
Blue smoke is oil burning in cylinders or exhaust system and usually is an indication of bad valve seals.

Oct 31, 2012.
1-You could have a performance issue related to number 2 on your list. This would be oil getting into the combusiton chamber past the rings or valve seals.
Is the check engine light on?

3-Check the power steering fluid level. Also grab the power steering pulley and check for play. It sounds like the power steering pump is failing.

4-The engines in those cars tend to make noise at that milage and if you have a misfire it will only make it worse.

5-Check the fuses.