2003 Nissan Almera • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 45,000 miles

Nissan almera se 2003
interior light switch working manually but not when doors open or when using remote key
John Joseph Beetham
January 14, 2011.

Do you have three positions on the switch where you can switch to only come on manually?

Feb 5, 2011.
Yes it does have 3 positions where I can switch to only come on manualy

There is a problem with the door switch check all fuses and tap on door switches. Remove the neg batt cable for 10 mins possibly the bcm will reset the controller for lights. Good luck

Feb 6, 2011.
Checked out above, no joy ! But this lead me to check contacts behind switch when in centre position by removing unit.

This turned out to be the problem, contact tempermental! Fixed it, now working. Many Thanks.

Great glad we could help

Mar 3, 2011.