2001 Lincoln Continental • 150 miles

I have a 2001 Lincoln Continential and the check air ride keeps coming on. The pump works on and off and the air bags don't leak. When it does work and fills up and levels out, when I'm driving, as soon as I hit the brakes the the check ride control light comes on and the air escapes. Sometimes as soon as I turn the car back on they re-inflate and other times the pump won't come on for a week or more. I pulled the air pump out today and took it apart and everything looked ok so I just reassembled it and put it back in. I'd appreciate your advice.
August 5, 2012.

When the pump would not work, did the car stay level or drop?


It didn't drop. There is still air in the bags but the back end is a little lower than normal. The compressor hasn't come on in about a week now. Every time I turn the ignition on it says "check ride control." It's been doing this for a while now but it seems to be getting worse.

Aug 5, 2012.
There are codes that can be viewed but you need a shop with a scan tool to pull them. Once the area of failure is determined, the components in that system can be checked. It sounds like a possible height sensor issue but thats just a guess.