2001 Lexus LS 430 • 100,000 miles

I recently had my engine replaced with a used "new engine". That is I thought I was. Come to find out, I was my original engine, just rebuilt and I broke again (timing belt broke and bended something on engine block) called out the mechanic on it, we went to a different place a picked out a used ls 430 engine. This time I took pictures and he did in fact replace it. Then there was a new problem. The steering was tight, and he replaced the steering pump. It is still tight, but im afraid to go back to this guy for obvious reasons. He has had my car for more than three months.
The steering fluid is a little over max, so thats fine.
How can i, myself, check to see if this pump is in fact working?
I have replaced parts on older cars, like radiator, alternator, starters etc etc. But on older cars. Im a little of a novice on these new computerized cars.
I live in the 91335 area in los angeles, and dont know a reliable lexus repair guy. And going to the dealership is just too expensive for me. Please help me!
Ps. He also emptied out my freon! Where can I report this guy?
November 6, 2012.

Removing freon is part of the job. Should be re charged when the job is done

he rebuilt your old motor with new parts? If he did, it was better than getting a junkyard motor. What happened to that motor?

Well, he replaced the entire engine, not just the block, which I questioned, cause my other parts were just fine. We pick out a engine from a part place called toyopartsonly. Com that was from a collision with no damage to engine. Off course that place got the original engine and still charged us $3000 for the "new" one. Saying, thats how it works!
When he first rebuild the original engine, telling me he got a new used one, the part that was welded on, broke off again, which is how We discovered the never replaced it, as he said, and as We paid for.
The new engine which is a 2003 ls430 runs pretty smooth and quiet.
If we could we would just take the car and leave, but all in all, we have paid him $4700, and still havent seen a receipt, so we are stuck between a rock and a hard place

Nov 6, 2012.
Wow, thats a lot. You could have had a new motor with that money.

Can you scan the receipt and post it


Lol, I would love to scan it. If I had it. He still promises to give it to me. Today he's gonna refill the freon, and I will ask again for all the receipts. So if I can squeeze on out of him, I will post it. Would there be a way for me to check the steering pump myself, or what kind of fluids to add. Some neighbour mentioned that maybe it was the wrong brand? And would there be a place to report this very shady guy

Nov 6, 2012.
Not the wrong brand. You need a pressure gauge to check the output pressure