2001 Kia Rio • 215,000 miles

Hi there, my car air conditioner is working but in very hot weather the air con is goes on and of from cold to warm. I was wondering what repairs I need to fix the problem please?
December 3, 2012.

Hello There!

I have experienced the same problem as you are experiencing with your AC. The problem is that your freon is low and in colder temperatures the AC system isnt working against the temperature outside and neither is your body

Its recommended that you take your vehicle to a repair shop that is proficient in air conditioning repairs. They will be able to establish if your vehicle is low on freon. Also, your vehicle shouldnt be low under normal circumstances. When a AC system runs low on freon, its because of a leak somewhere in the system, sometimes its a real slow leak.

Good Luck!

Dec 3, 2012.
You will have to have your high and low pressures checked and that your ac condenser fan is operating correctly. Also that your radiator and condenser fins arent restricted causing notenough air to lass thru them causing too much pressure in your ac system and causing your ac compressor to cycle.

Dec 3, 2012.
You are low on refrigerant. Have the system checked out and charged.

Dec 4, 2012.