2001 Hyundai Tiburon • 98,000 miles

Hey guys, so I have an interesting problem. I have an 01 tiburon and it cranks but does not start (turn over).

So I figured the problem could be fuel, spark or air. Checked the spark and air and they are good. Check the fuel and there was no gas going to the engine. So I took out the back seat and checked the fuel pump. The fuel pump turns on if manually given 12 volts but it doesnt turn on normally. Checked the voltage at the electric line coming in and it was 0. So I thought it was the fuel pump relay. I swapped out one of the relays from the front and still no voltage.

After a job to keep the frustration subsided, I decided to hook up an obd device to read the codes. The device (that I know usually works and worked in another car) was having a hard time connecting to the car but after 20 tries or so it finally connected and gave me these codes. (Using pro scan 5.9)

1. P0100
Powertrain: MAF Sensor Ckt. Insufficient Activity

2. P0765
Powertrain: Shift Solenoid D Malfunction

I turned the car off and then on again and the codes had disappeared, but the connecting issue was still there.

Any thoughts on how to further proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the pre cursor to how the car came to be in this predicament. I was driving but didnt notice that I was running low on gas. The gas dropped to almost the VERY end of E (past the little notch) but it still drove to the gas station. I filled up the tank and drove back home. I parked the car over night and tried to start it in the morning. It just cranked but did not turn over (start)
October 1, 2012.

First, there will only be power to the pump for 2 seconds with the key on, then 12 volts while cranking.

Re test the pump under these conditions first


Hi Roy, I checked the voltage in the beginning as well as while cranking and its still 0 (it fluctuates a bit but only by.01 volts).

My next thought was to check the relay once again and I replaced the relay that was there. Here is a picture of what I replaced.

I also gave 12v to the fuel pump diagnostic port in the engine bay and the fuel pump did not come on. (The fuel pump still comes on if I give it 12v directly)

Oct 6, 2012.