2001 Honda Civic • 230,000 miles

My civic started acting up about a month ago, it started to over heat on me and I work in a mechanic shop so when I got to work I checked everything out. Had to get a new radiator. But I couldnt get a cap cuz of money issues, so the day I was going to get a cap my car cut out on me. I noticed oil was mixing with my antifreeze. I changed my head gasket, radiator, radiator cap and thermostat. I put it all back together and flushed my rad for 3 hours, seemed it was getting back how it was. I drove it for a min and checked nothing changed, now I also have a oil leak but it only leaks when I run the car. Please help
December 10, 2012.

Where is the leak coming from?
Cam seals, crank front and end seals are the 3 common areas for oil leakages

Dec 10, 2012.
I'm not sure where the leak is coming from because when I pull it in the shop and put it in the air idling its not really leaking so it is hard to tell but if I run it then oil gushes out. But I will check out those areas

Dec 11, 2012.