2001 Ford Mustang • 14,000 miles

Went to dealer to check service engine soon. They said it was p0306 and it was $1500 to fix. They said it was skip on # 6 cylinder and suspect a burnt valve as it wasn't coil or spark plug problem. My question is do u think it is worth fixing? Think I can get it done cheaper elsewhere? Thanks
November 20, 2012.

If the mileage is avtually 140,000, I am assuming 14,000 is a typo, then I would save your money for an engine rebuild which you will need in the near future any way depending on how car was maintained and treated. Not worth spending what is almost half a full engine rebuild on a fix on one head. The price sounds a little high as you should be able to get both heads rebuilt for about that much plus parts.

Sorry yes it is 140,000. Really debating if I want to put money into car. So u think I can get it done cheaper somewhere else then. Dealer is always the most expensive. It has been maintained every 5000 miles and anything the few maintenance things they suggested. Never had the service engine soon light come on and I bought it new in 2001 one. It for the most part has been good to me. Thanks for the input.

Nov 20, 2012.
Mustangs are well built. You have what is called the PI or power improvement engien which there were a lot of them made you can probably get a crate motor from Ford racing for $5000 and remove and replace it yourself with some help from harbour freight tools like and engine crane and engine stand. It is not as ahard as it seems, but litle parts add up quick. But then you will have a car, well maninatianted with a better perform aing engine made by Ford, no one makes them better than a manufacturer, and you can fix all the little things wrong and have done it yourself for under ~$6500. A lot cheaper than the new stang and I bet you eat em up all day long. Look to summit racing and search anything mustang performance online and you will get some ideas on prices.

Glad I found this site. Thanks for all the help. Very helpful. Will write update on what I decide to do

Nov 24, 2012.
No problem. Let me knwo how it goes.