2001 Dodge Ram • 5.2L V8 2WD Manual • 214,000 miles

2001 dodge pickup with 5.2 engine, 214000 miles after new plugs, rotor and cap plus replaced o2 sensor below the cat now runs rough and backfires when cold plus serv eng light comes on during heavy acceleration and goes back out after speed is reached. Any ideas
January 11, 2014.

Have you checked for trouble codes?

No I havent. Those codes will tell you alot about your engine including alot of things designed to just cost extra money like egr valve needs replaced and such. Was looking for a mechanic that actually knew about engines not just one that knows how to work a computer. Sorry to have bothered you.

Jan 13, 2014.
Are you kidding me? I am aware of what the computer can do and very competent when it comes to engines. If you feel an EGR, sensors. Can't cause problems, you are wrong.

Good luck