2001 Chevrolet Impala • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 89,000 miles

2001 chevrolet impala 3.4L 89,000 miles.
When driving car the yellow "Security" light will come on for a few seconds then the yellow "Service Vehicle Soon" light will come on for a few seconds then the red "Battery" light will come on (also beeps twice) for a few seconds then the RDS radio will display "LOCKED" for a few seconds (also red light on radio will stay lit till message goes away) and shuts off music then the radio will display "CAL ERR" for a few seconds. It will continue to cycle through all these lights and messages while driving.

The car runs and drives just fine, NO pings, knocks or hesitations in engine. Has been doing this for a couple of weeks now and I need help. Will this problem cause the car to shut down while driving it or not start? I am stumped
January 27, 2011.

Need to have PCM scaned for any codes. AutoZone will do then post codes will advise

Jan 27, 2011.
I have a code reader and it is giving me a P0401 & P0401 P which is related to EGR Flow Insufficient. I do have a check engine light on and need advice on this as well. I was thinking I have two different problems. Can this be the cause of all these issues going ON?

Jan 27, 2011.
Remove teh egr and clean it, get the carbon out of it. Clean teh battery cables as that may cause some of the problems. If your scanner has the ability to erasethe codes then erase them. Ifnot someone else will have to do it.

Jan 28, 2011.