2000 Vauxhall Agila

It's not that it's a vauxhall arena but the thing would only let me select this! T-reg. Basically before I owned it a year ago it had a prang and the panels on the sliding door side were replaced. The sliding door has always been stiff but has shut fine, until now! It's now sliding shut and catching at the handle end but the back end won't shut flat! It pops out every time leaving a cm gap! Looked and tried everything but still puzzled? Any ideas please? I have no idea! Also are there any breakers yards in the Essex area that deal with these vans? (You never know, you may know of one!). Many thanks guys! From Claire and Keir Paxton, kcp05@Hotmail. Co. Uk, tel: 07780761601.
March 17, 2013.

We have no info on this car as it's not inu.S. But check to see if your door latch is working properly sounds like it's not. You might try lubing it with oil as well as hinges where it slides.

Mar 17, 2013.