2000 Saturn SW2 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic •

Do you have to pull the engine on a V6 Saturn Wagon to remove the cylinder heads
August 23, 2011.

Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain coolant. Remove air cleaner assembly. Disconnect accelerator cable. Disconnect wiring harness from engine and secure to underhood junction block. Disconnect EVAP canister purge valve, PCV, throttle body, and brake booster vacuum hoses. Disconnect upper radiator hose, and heater hose from intake manifold. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE. Disconnect fuel lines and secure to brake booster.
Remove 3 right side upper engine torque axis mount-to-front cover nuts, and 2 midrail bracket nuts. Remove accessory drive belt and tensioner. Remove valve cover. Remove A/C compressor (leave hoses connected) and position aside. Raise vehicle. Drain engine oil. Remove right front wheel and splash shield. Remove front crankshaft pulley. Disconnect front exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold, and discard gasket. Remove front cover and timing chain. See FRONT COVER & TIMING CHAIN. On DOHC, uniformly remove camshaft bearing cap retaining bolts, and remove camshafts. Remove lash adjuster and rocker arms. On all models, use a 6-point socket (a 12-point socket will round off bolt heads), loosen cylinder head bolts in reverse order of tightening sequence, in several stages. See Fig. 7 or Fig. 8. Remove cylinder head.

Aug 23, 2011.
Just to add to this one are you sure thats 3.0L v6 saturn engine rasmataz?It doesnt have a timming chain or throttle cable it has a timming belt and a throttle actuator throttle by wire. Also the intake plentumn etc has to come off to remove head that sounds more like The S model saturn head removal the 1.9L 4cyl engine.I would also like to ask the user why he wanted to remove the head?Is there oil in the coolant?

Aug 23, 2011.
Also drbski you meant you had a LW2 correct that is why you put 3.0L V6 engine?

Aug 23, 2011.