2000 Rover 45 • 10,600 miles

Hi I am having problems with my rover 45 when I turn right there is a knocking noise and sometimes when I am driving straight there is a squeaking noise.I have had a look at the nearside front driveshaft as the noise seems to come from there. On looking at the driveshaft everything looks fine except the driveshaft seems to move forwards and backwards slightly. Does this mean that I need a new driveshaft or a inner our outer cv joint. About 3 months ago the cv boot came off the outer cv joint and water got in I re packed it with grease and put the boot back on.I am looking to repair it myself so I do not want to replace the wrong part many thanks for your help
August 8, 2012.

Does the knocking noise sound like "crock crock crock"?
Is it speed related?
Does slight acceleration results in louder noise?

Aug 8, 2012.
Hi thanks for your reply. The sound when when turning is a knock knock knock noise but only when you turn right when you turn left there is no noise. Sometimes there is a slight whine when driving forward but not all the time and when you touch the brake pedal it stops and then comes back. I have not noticed that slight acceleration makes the noise louder many thanks

Aug 8, 2012.