2000 Pontiac Montana

Rear night time running lights are only working 10% of the time. All other light work like signal lights, brake lights, headlights, but when the lights arnt working the head light dinger goes off even when they are not on and the dash lights go out when the head lamp switch is on. We have taken it to a mechanic and they couldnt find the problem. Checked fuses, cruise control doesnt work, changed tail lamps, checked wiring. But nothing seems to be wrong.
August 30, 2012.

Check the light sockets to make sure they are not damaged. Check to make sure the ground to them is good.

Alright I checked the light sockets and they were damaged but these are the new ones we just put in 3 weeks ago so there must be something wrong and our new lamp posts the middle top metal pin (not realy sure what its called) is burnt on each lamp, wasnt able to check the ground yet because I had to go out of town but I will post on monday with what I find

Sep 2, 2012.