2000 Mazda MPV • 163,000 miles

Just bought the van, owner said it was timing chain, it wasnt, he over heated it blew both head gaskets, long story short, I just finished fixing and buttoning it all up except daaaaa, I have a vacuum port missing a vacuum line and the box bolted on top of the left side (front) valve cover that has a cable that runs to the secondary intake ports is also missing the three wire plug, well question, does anyone have a vacuum diagram for where that hose comes from and also the plug for the secondary intake port controller? Oh the vacuum port is in the front side 1/2 of the intake manifold drivers side pointing to the battery, pointing horizontely and 3/8 diameter approx.
Steve mazda man
December 13, 2012.

Refer to diagrams.

Dec 13, 2012.