2000 Mazda MPV • 80,000 miles

My alternator went bad and I brought it to a mechanic and it was fixed. I also replaced the battery with a new one however the battery light is still coming on and it stays on permanently. When I try to start the car, I have a problem starting it. The battery life has even enough power to turn on interior lights and dash board lights but not to start the car. The battery light is still on. What could cause this problem? Is it that the alternator is still not charging properly? Is there a short somewhere? What could it be?
December 1, 2012.

First you need to check to see if car is charging, if it is have battery tested after charged, including load test. Just because it's new does'nt mean it's not bad. It cold bea draw ont eh battery as well so when you shut the car off it continues draw the battery down.

Dec 1, 2012.