2000 Lexus RX 300 • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 119,000 miles

I have an all wheel drive 2000 RX300 with a bad motor. I bought a 1999 engine out of a Avilon ( same model engine) when we took then down the only difference I can see is that the 99 has a EGR system and the RX (2000) does not. Can I block off the EGR of the 99 engine and make it work?
Rick Bliss
January 24, 2011.

I have one sitting in my yard waiting on a used engine for over 5 month
its all wheel drive and I was told by many used auto parts that nothing else would fit
check with your used auto part store and make sure
i would leave EGR it will be unplugged none functional

Jan 25, 2011.
We took of the egr tube and found that there is nothing that carries gasses just a heat exchanger at the end of the tube. I have asked a machine shop to make ne a plate and I am going to try it. I can't see why it would work. Can you?

Rick Bliss
Jan 25, 2011.