2000 Hyundai H100 • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 98,000 miles

My diesel engine revs suddenly & my heater only get hot when I rev engine. But engine is not over heating
December 2, 2010.

Have you checked the coolant level in rdiator?
Have you tried to retrieve for trouble codes?

Dec 5, 2010.
I also have a H-100 Diesel. Mine is a 1998. To the left of the steering wheel and a little below is a ****. On the **** are two parallel lines and an angle line in between (let me see if I can make it on the keyboard). Kind of like an equals sign with this in between ~. Im not sure if the 2000 has this ****.

If the **** is turned to the right, it will make the engine rev at a higher RPM. If you have this ****, try turning it to the left slowly. Once you turn it, it takes the engine a second to respond. If this is the reason your engine is rev-ing to high, then you can adjust it to the level you want.

Dec 8, 2011.