2000 GMC Jimmy • 4.3L V6 4WD Automatic • 156,000 miles

Location of the speed control sensor for the transmission. The transmission is not switching gears when it is switching from 2nd to 3rd. It is an automatic. I need a diagram or picture and a part number. I want to replace this part first before I rebuild the transmission. I'm hoping this will fix it.
Angie michaels
December 28, 2013.

I believe this vehicle has the one of the 2 sensors on the driver side on top of trans. However with the symptoms described I do not believe this would be the cause of your issue sorry to say

Dec 28, 2013.
It's on the right rear of tcase if you have one or transmission if no tcase. If it doesn't shift between 2nd and 3rd then have a trans guy look at it because the speed sensor is not the problem he can scan it for codes

Dec 29, 2013.