2000 GMC Envoy

Hi, I recently purchased a elm327 OBDII interface which works fine, got it all installed and it works fine on my peugeot 306 cab

now for some reason it will not work on my subaru impreza uk model, says it cannot communicate with the ECU? I think it may possibly have a prodrive ECU anyone got any ideas?

i have tried lodes of OBDII software and the all work fine on the pug but not the Subaru impreza?
May 18, 2012.

There may be an issue with the pcm on the subaru. It may not be the tool but the car may be the issue


May 18, 2012.
Call a subaru dealer

A non-stock ECU unit may be already installed if you got the car used. Also, the Puegot is a Euro-only car, while the vast majority of Subarus are sold in the North American market. It is possible that the the Subaru uses a North American-spec engine and electronics suite, especially if it has a 2.5L or turbocharged motor. Japanese-spec models share most of the Euro-spec components, so the engine could be a Euro/Japanese destined engine, especially if it is 2.0L or under, or if it is a diesel. I would contact the interface manufacturer and get the exact engine code from the Subaru to check for compatibility. However, I think you are probably right about the non-stock ECU so check there first.

May 19, 2012.