2000 Ford Ranger • 2WD Manual •

Can a compression test be done if engine will not turn? Car will not start. Mechanic wants to tow car to his workshop and have compression checked. All parts under bonnet have been replaced over the past 12months so mechanically its a new car, no worn parts.
January 6, 2011.

If engine cranks then compression can be done. Have you checked for spark and fuel?

Jan 6, 2011.
Engine is not cranking and we have done all usual checks ie sparks. Had a new engine in mid 2010.
. Oringally we though it could be fuel pump but mechanic wants to tow to his workshop
to check compression.
If it was compression would a steep hill start get it going. We have only tried a level road.
Any ideas?

Jan 6, 2011.