2000 Dodge Durango • 205,000 miles

I have a 2000 durango r/t it ran fine then went out to start it wouldnt but was able to jump start. It only has started a couple of time since then. The auto shut down and the fuel pump relay inside the engine compartment clicks when you try to start it. There is a clicking sound coming to the right of the glovebox. Radio windows locks dash lights etc. Wont come on either. I have checked all fuse changed around the relays put in a different battery as well nothing seems to work. Could it be the bcm? Scanner shows nothing but a sensor for tranny and the pcv. How do you check the the bcm
July 8, 2012.

Looking through our service manual it appears that the BCM should show up on a trouble code test. However, as you will see in attached instructions it may not be complete unless a special factory trouble code reader is used in conjunction. You may also have a problem with the Powertrain Control Module which I gave you a test instructions for. The referneces for trouble codes will come up on a reader unless a factory one is required and symptoms do not list anything about performance it just refers to other tests.
I think there is another possiblity. There is a crach module that is extra sensitivve and it may be intermitantly turning relays on and off as a safety percaution as it thinks it has been in a wreck. This particularlly includes the fuel pump. You may also be hearing the stater solenoid clicking and perhaps the battery ihas a dead cell. Check the voltage when you try to start it. Of course it should be 12V at stand still but should not drop when trying to start.
There was one other thing that can mess up a BCM or PCM, a battery short. It only leads to more round robin test instrucitons when I followed the symptom and gave me no goood information without having a factory tester. You may have done this or have shorted it or had a voltage surge of 5V which will mess up a BSM or PCM.
I also attached the BCM wiring diagram so you can see if any of the wires are loose or sorroded. Check the grounds for a clean metal to metal fit.

Where is the crash module located at?

Jul 9, 2012.
It al depends on the motor you have so I sent you the location chart.