1999 Toyota Vitz • 140,000 miles

The brake pedal feels spongy and travels down, instead of holding itself at a certain position.
I was told that this could be the brake cylinder kit, which was changed. The brake felt fine for a day and then the problem surfaced again. Next the brake master cylinder was doubtful, which has been changed along with the front brake pads.
However the brake still feels spongy and the pedal travels down and down when pressed hard.
Any ideas guys what to do next?
December 14, 2012.

Is vehicle equipped with ABS?
Was the system bled fully?
Are the calipers sticking?
Are the rotors in good condition?

Dec 14, 2012.
Yes the vehicle has ABS. I am pretty sure the system was bled fully, on three occassions and the brake oil was replaced too.
I was told that the rotors are ok, not to mention that they were polished / scrubbed before installation of the brake pads.
Not sure about the calipers sticking! How do we check this?

Dec 21, 2012.
Find a sandy stretch of road and drive at about 20 mph and slam on the brakes. Let the ABS work. Repeat a few times and test if the brake pedal feel improves.

Dec 21, 2012.
Hey, was away for a while, so dint face the car problem much. But it hasnt resolved. I tried that sandy road test, dint feel the difference. However the mechanic tried bleeding the system a few times, and it would only improve for a day only. He tried it from the ABS distributor and the brake felt much better, almost perfect. Also this time around it remained fine for almost a week.
Thereafter its back to square one, its spongy again.

BTW I got an corolla AE 100 with 5A-FE engine and auto transmission. CAn you confirm the ATF / transmission oil? Shouldnt it be TIV ? I m asking cuz the ATF dip stick has T2 written on it

Apr 6, 2013.
T2 should sufficient.

When testing on sandy stretch, did the ABS work?

Apr 7, 2013.