1999 Saturn SL2

I have a 1999 Saturn sl2. The engine is blown. But the blown engine In my sl2 is a 1.9 liter 16 valve twin cam engine. Well I found a guy that has a engine he says will fit and the engine he has is also a 1.9 liter engine but It is out of a 2002 Saturn and it isn't a twin cam and he swears up and down it will fit and work properly, but I asked a few of my friends if it would because I don't know much about cars and they all said it wouldn't work. So I'm seeking advice on whether it would work or not.

March 22, 2013.

The short block is the same pistons block crank etc but the head is different. You could use the short block with your head. You would have to transfer the windage from your short block to the new one.

Mar 22, 2013.